Stocking Stuffers For Your Pet

It is that time of year when we are trying to find that perfect gift for everyone on our list, and that includes our pets. So to help Santa with gift ideas, I have decided to suggest some different stocking stuffers for your pet to assist you during the hustle and bustle.

For Cats

stocking stuffers for your petCatnip Chocolate Covered Strawberries — These are handmade fleece strawberries that are filled with catnip to give your four-legged friend a charming respite from its fast-paced world. These are available at and sell for $18.00. You may also try the catnip fortune cookies or the squeaky dog donuts made by the same manufacturer.

Organic Pet Grass/Cat Grass Kit with Cat Grass Planter —This is a natural hairball remedy which the juices contain Folic Acid, an essential vitamin, that assists in the production of hemoglobin. It also provides fiber which aids in the reduction of hairballs in your cat. This product is sold on Amazon by the Cat Ladies.

House of Cat Marbled Alpaca Wool Felt Cat Toys From the House of Cat Etsy shop comes these hand made ping pong sized balls that are a hard plastic core that are covered with layers and layers of soft natural alpaca wool. They are bouncy and great for throwing around and chase or just swatting.

stocking stuffers for your petKnit Mohawk Cat Hat Also found at the House of Cat Etsy shop, this is for the cat that loves to play dress-up or the owner that is willing to get their eyes clawed out. The hat features two slits for the ears.

Handmade Wand Cat Toys —Beautiful well made wand toys. High quality natural material and designs that include some interesting features that look like they would be enticing to cats. These can be found on


For Dogs

stocking stuffers for your petSilly Dog Toys From, these wacky dog toys of a mustache and giant tongue are made of non-toxic solid rubber and are attached to a rubber ball. Dogs like it and they are fun and tough!

Best of Breed Glove Brush —This rubber mitt prevents shedding and massages away dirt and hair with its flexible soft rubber tips. It gently massages your pets including dogs, cats, horses, pigs, goats and more as it cleans. The mitt is available on

Ruffwear Quencher Collapsible Food Bowl From this lightweight collapsible bowl made of long lasting polyester outer fabric with a waterproof liner is a packable dog bowl to take on your trip with your four-legged friend. They are lightweight, durable and don’t take up much stocking stuffers

K9 Konnection Flashing Bright LED Safety Lights — With this bright LED light, you can easily spot your pet as the safety lights constantly flashes blue, white, green and red lights. They are easily clipped to your pet’s collar or leash and keep your pet safe. Available at

Dog Hammock Seat Cover —This durable protective seat liner for the back bench seat of your vehicle provides protection to your seat cover and safety to your pet. It helps keep your car clean. It is available through and is manufactured by BarkNPurr Purfect.

Hopefully this will give you a starting point to start shopping for your “furr-babies.” Please keep your pet safe throughout the holiday season and if you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at the clinic.